Inner Peace …. is but a thought away

Life is what you choose.

Don’t waste your valuable time contemplating the same old concerns, do something different!   If you were to clear what’s holding you back, what would the future hold?  Maybe at work or just in the day to day, are you feeling the weight of expectation? Not only yours but those around you?

If you’re a leader, then no doubt there are high expectations but what keeps you grounded and focused as you and your team seek success?

Don’t rehearse your past, take whatever you can from it and use that to make a great future. As Emerson said “Do not waste a moment upon the yesterday”

Coaching with me is about taking time out to focus on you and the bigger picture.  To understand, feel peace, be positive and make plans that get you focused and really passionate about life.

This all seems quite simple but in the end, you get one life – live it consciously and with meaning.  Love your life, or change it.

LW Life Coaching at Home - Copy

Life Coaching is fairly new and I asked a business client recently, “How would you sum up coaching?” to which she said, “It’s a place to download, get in control and go away with a different outlook”. A great analogy. Give yourself permission to walk a new, more exciting path.

If you want to be more successful or feel more healthy, secure or confident, then make the choice to do just that.  You won’t get there by putting it off or being concerned what people may think, you will get there by making some well thought out, conscious decisions and moving forward.

We are all extremely capable of change.  My clients have achieved massive change in their life as a result of coaching as you will see from some of my testimonials.

Is there something that needs to change in your personal or business life?  Is there a confidence or relationship issue, or conflict between work and home that you would like to address?  Give me a call and we can talk about how coaching can enable you to make that happen.

Life Coaching isn’t therapy, but done well, it’s the best talking therapy and intervention I have ever come across. It gets to the heart of us and allows us to explore our own thoughts and so come up with our own solutions which make sense.  It’s non-judgmental. It’s like having a friend, who’s not connected and therefore has no agenda but yours, with an impartial listening ear and with objective questions that will help you reflect and consider what’s right for you.  I also have an ever increasing array of tools and techniques that really enhance our focus!!

You will really feel supported as we walk the journey and work together to achieve your best possible outcomes.

Don’t feel fear, use it to get what you deserve!

There’s no magic to life coaching; I just have a genuine passion to show people an alternative.   Until then……

Speak soon & take care,

Linzi Wood Life Coach Expert Grey
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