We Cannot Teach People Anything
We Can Only Help Them Discover It Within Themselves

What Life Coaching Means With Me

  • IN A NUTSHELL – My Life Coaching is about enabling you to re-look at things, see an alternative, gain a better perspective and uncover all your lovely resourcefulness.
  • FIRST MEETING – Initially, on a first meeting, it’s a chat over a coffee. It’s getting to know each other and time to learn about you and what you want to achieve from coaching, even if you’re not sure what that is just yet. It’s making sure we are right for each other.
  • YOU DICTATE THE PATH AND ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL – You decide what you want to talk about, achieve, solve and we take it from there. If you’re not sure what’s up then I can lead for a while.  Just imagine if your ‘if only’ was a reality.
  • 3-5 SESSIONS WILL GET YOU TO A REALLY GOOD PLACE – It’s definitely not a long term process. The number of sessions is completely your choice.  It may only take one!!
  • VALUES AND BELIEFS – These are so important and I will help you to really understand how yours are fundamental.  My job is to be a good listener.
  • TOOLS & TECHNIQUES – I have lots of them. One being Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enable change in mental and emotional behaviour. It’s a long name for taking negative thoughts and making them really useful.
  • CHALLENGE IT – Whatever it is – FACE IT. I am passionate about anxiety being a learned behaviour – so understand it and replace it.
  • MAKE IT TANGIBLE – Very often our anxiety is nothing to do with our primary concern but the anxiety itself.  My job is to listen carefully to what is being said.
  • LETS KEEP IT SIMPLE – Simple is best.
Simply Changing Certification
If you would like me to help you get clarity in order for you to have the capacity to make good decisions, I will promise you my total, wholehearted support

What Life Coaching Is Not

– It’s not counselling
If it transpires that your concern is a deep seated trauma or traumatic event that you feel has to be worked through in order to recover from it then this is outside my scope of expertise and I would recommend a suitable therapist. When you come to life coaching it’s more to acknowledge an event but then to move on from where you are, not to drill down into events in the past.

– It’s not mentoring or consulting
Even though I help you to work through options and I am here to encourage you, I don’t do the work for you or act as an advisor.