Life Coaching Packages

3 session programme

Get focused from the heart

Have three sessions of calm, soul based discovery.

Relax and connect with your inner wisdom to achieve transformational clarity.  Getting to the heart of you may lead to some significant life changing moments.

6 session programme

Go on a Personal Journey

This programme integrates conventional coaching with soul based coaching which means making a soulful connection and seemlessly combine that with the more practical aspects.

I have created this programme of six sessions to beautifully connect your inner wisdom with overall understanding where you want to be, what’s fundamentally important to you and connecting all your possibilities.

I love this programme, it covers all the bases and is a really feel good package.

9 session programme

Make sense and take a look back

All of the previous and now you have lots more knowledge, lets get more specific.

  How about letting go of any hurt from the past.  Take a look and bring some new, more resourceful perspective.  A perspective on which to base a meaningful future.

Using NLP helps us to make sense of our stories.

12 session programme

and now… look forward

This is all of the previous and goes even further as we look into all the wonderful possibilities.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.  By this time we are quite specific and have really found some significant knowledge and got a real handle on who we are.

Look to the future and explore your purpose and more, your infinite possibilities.