My experience is in business but my passion is with people.

My purpose and what excites me:

Changing lives by enabling people to identify and learn from within how they need to grow and live in peace with themselves.  Through this interdependence, I also experience knowledge, passion and appreciation for human nature as I see clients move from uncertainty to absolute empowerment.


I create an enlightening, heartfelt, meaningful, positive and very practical experience by being focused on the person I serve and their outcomes, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

How this works for you as an individual:

  • Enabling you to get unstuck from those thoughts (often it’s fear) that hold you back
  • By getting to the heart of what is holding you back
  • Enabling you to look at relationships and discover old and new patterns
  • Enabling you to create your work/life balance as you want it
  • To look at values and see what they mean for you
  • Enabling you to see how your beliefs are serving you and how they can serve you well
  • Enabling you to start leading your life rather than life leading you
  • By opening up a whole new way of being and thinking that works for you
  • By experiencing NLP to show how your mind can work in a better, more positive way to take you forward
  • By receiving life changing value

How this works for you in business:

  • Enabling you to get unstuck from those thoughts that hold you back.
  • Enabling you to look at your business with renewed positivity, drive and focus
  • Enabling you to look at relationships and discover new thought patterns as you understand where you are now and where you want to be
  • By being completely in that place with you in order to enable you to truly experience a better way forward (this is no sticking plaster, this is life changing stuff)
  • Enabling you to take productive time out to actually make a productive plan
  • Get a great overview of  your position now and enable you to focus on what is important for you
  • Look at values and what they mean and how they are working for you and in your business
  • Stop thinking and start doing (in the way you have always dreamed)
  • See how your beliefs are serving you and your business
  • Experiencing NLP to show how your mind can work in a better more positive way to take you forward
  • Having life changing value which means massive benefits to you and your business

Why me?

  • I have an absolute, unrelenting passion in serving others to move forward positively, for them to achieve their happiness and become accomplished in their chosen path.  The feeling of fulfilment, to me, is my whole point in life.
  • I have a genuine demeanour that is absolutely focused on you and your outcomes
  • 25+ years successfully in business, working with people
  • I have the most positive outlook on life and whilst congruence is key, the ultimate outcome  you are seeking is no doubt a positive one
  • I have an accredited qualification with over 500 hours of learning and many, many further hours of on going study and experience.
  • My testimonials are my measure (some of which you will see here)
  • My ‘old school’ morals and values continue to serve me well in this changing world
  • My whole life is spent looking for new ways, methods, ideas to get people from their A to their B and, only if I am moved by those ideas, do I introduce those them into my already comprehensive repertoire

What you need to work with me:

  • An absolute desire for change, if you are not certain you want change, then I may not be the coach for you.

So Here I Am With A Life Coaching Practice

No bells and whistles just confidentiality, great patience, non-judgemental understanding, positivity and a genuine passion to help.

If I sound like a person you would like to spend some time with in order for you to achieve your personal goals, then take the first step to your new life and give me a call…..07884 970 502.  I can’t wait to hear from you and let’s see what we find…..

Linzi Wood Life Coach Expert Grey