My experience is in business but my passion is with people.

‘Finding coaching was like starting life all over again’ not because my life needed starting again, but because I got the chance to look at it with new eyes.

The business person I had evolved into had served me well to this point in my 24/7 exciting world and here’s a brief work history.  However, a few comments from those closest taught me that some of my behaviour, since starting on my coaching career journey, had changed for the better.  The thing I learnt from them and from me was, without realising it; I had become ‘softer’.  By learning to understand others I learnt so much about myself.

Following this coaching career path wasn’t all flowers and beautiful awakenings; at times it was real personal challenge.  Had I made a big mistake here? Was I going to have to lose that confident person in order to follow my dreams?  I had always believed I needed to be strong and have all the answers in order to feel significance but, with hindsight, that wasn’t the case, just by facing inward for a little while, I got the chance to relax and look again.

Looking inward was the catalyst, the turning point. Whilst focusing on finding contentment with who ‘me’ really was I was also becoming content to just ‘be’.   Being happy with who I am now and as an evolving story, has catapulted me into a world of constantly seeking new learning, new energy, an absolute passion for my personal growth and enabling others to find theirs.   Both in business and personally, I know how ‘free’ it feels to just be me and allow others their space.  It took me from back then; spending all my days ‘seeking’ tomorrows full of success and approval, to now; ‘living’ today with focus on what’s important for me but with an exciting plan for tomorrow and beyond.  And here’s the thing, it’s always a work in progress because even when we think we’ve cracked it, as new discoveries come into play, just like our phones; we need an update from time to time to keep moving forward.

Everyone’s outcome is beautifully different.  I am privileged and love being a part of that and that is where I found my new significance; to serve others.

So, what’s my niche?  I have to apologise here because I can’t quite seem to find the appropriate box in order to categorise myself specifically but I guess that’s my whole point, that we’re all unique, we are all special in our own way.  My focus is on keeping it simple and on who you intrinsically are.  I help you find the real you and with that comes genuine, long lasting, true confidence and peace of mind.’

I think I am best defined as:  A confidence coach. I help people find out who they really are and they, in turn, unearth (rediscover) their confidence.  I do that having had some great training, experience and by just being me, positive and passionate.

If this resonates with you, then I can’t wait to hear from you, whenever that time maybe.

So Here I Am With A Life Coaching Practice

No bells and whistles just confidentiality, great patience, non-judgemental understanding, positivity and a genuine passion to help.

If I sound like a person you would like to spend some time with in order for you to achieve your personal goals, then take the first step to your new life and give me a call…..07884 970 502.  I can’t wait to hear from you and let’s see what we find…..

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