Life coaching is non-judgemental time out

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Every person and every situation is different but as a guide 3 – 6 sessions should get you to a good place, then it’s up to you, remember every step is exactly as you choose. However, based purely on previous patterns:

  • 3 sessions are a great understanding
  • 6 sessions get to a good place
  • 9 sessions really get to the heart of things
  • 12 sessions tend to be the maximum required
  • 12+ More than that is when it is my privilege to serve those clients who prefer to have a coach long term as an ongoing partnership in business and life. (usually spaced further apart)

Who Would Go To A Life Coach?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Talk something through with someone who’s not close to the situation
  • Get clarity on their feelings and what’s really important
  • Formulate a plan on how to achieve a goal
  • Make sense of their internal dialogue

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is where someone will listen, it enables you to talk through your story and gain another perspective:

  • When relationships are not in a good place life coaching can help you to re-look at what you are feeling
  • Anxiety can be debilitating and lifecoaching can help to gain control
  • Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with circumstances and life coaching enables us to get clarity on a situation
  • Sometimes when events from the past prevent us from moving forward a life coach will help us to work with that past event in order for us to gain new perspective
  • If we feel confused about how to move forward life coaching can help us to sort out our priorities, options and make plans

Made me appreciate myself and my good qualities.

Every session is different and very productive.

To approach life’s challenges in an empowered way.

It changes you!

Now planning confidently for the future.

After just a few sessions my confidence was ignited.

In a much better place in my life.

Helped me focus in on my actions.

Techniques are strengthening.

It’s powerful!

Today, I’m in a much better place.