"It's like magic...it's amazing"

Solutions only happen
when you work
from the inside-out

Life Coaching And How It Works

People, when faced with the words Life Coach sum up an array of ideas but most seem to think that it’s someone who will help, advise or tell them what to do in any given situation.

The only person who is in the position to give you the solutions within your own unique lovely life, with all its intricacies and beautiful twists and turns, is YOU.  And as your Coach, I will help you work through to those solutions. It’s an enlightening and exciting process and every session and person is wonderfully unique.

What Life Coaching Is Not

– It’s not counselling
If it transpires that your concern is a deep seated trauma or traumatic event that you feel has to be worked through in order to recover from it then this is outside my scope of expertise and I would recommend a suitable therapist. When you come to life coaching it’s more to acknowledge an event but then to move on from where you are, not to drill down into events in the past.

– It’s not mentoring or consulting
Even though I help you to work through options and I am here to encourage you, I don’t do the work for you or act as an advisor.

There Is No Magic – except what you find inside

What tends to happen is that we rarely take a moment to really think about ourselves with any care. Our focus tends to stay with the same thoughts, day in, day out. Often, those can be negative. Our whole life is an accumulation of our perception of events until this point, what we perceive to be true about ourselves and others.

Life Coaching with me is about a conversation and we find out together all the amazing things about you that will enable you to achieve what you want. After that, I have a few techniques to really help focus you on reaching where you want to be.

If you would like to take some time out with me, to really get a better insight on your goals, give me a call. After all, you only have everything to gain.

Speak soon and take care,

Linzi Wood Life Coach Expert Grey

Made me appreciate myself and my good qualities.

Every session is different and very productive.

To approach life’s challenges in an empowered way.

It changes you!

Now planning confidently for the future.

After just a few sessions my confidence was ignited.

In a much better place in my life.

Helped me focus in on my actions.

Techniques are strengthening.

It’s powerful!

Today, I’m in a much better place.