Take a look here to see what my clients feel about their coaching experience.

I first met with Linzi 5 years ago and what a positive experience that was, so much so that a few months ago feeling like I was going off track slightly I knew that speaking to her again and arranging some sessions was exactly what I needed.

Linzi is such a warm and genuine lady and immediately puts you at ease.   By the end of the first session I knew it was the best decision I’d made speaking with her and I was already excited to book in the next few knowing the positive outcome this was going to have.

Linzi has shown me how to change my way of thinking and looking at situations and I can honestly say I feel so in control of my emotions, my thought process and how I deal with every situation in a calm way of thinking – whatever the outcome I am in control of how I feel about it.

I can’t thank Linzi enough and would say to anyone considering a coach speak with Linzi, it will be a game changer for you.

AM - Bramhall

When I first approached Linzi I was feeling really stuck in my own head and in life. I was lacking direction and purpose, and honestly just wanted to understand myself a little more. I had around 9/10 sessions with Linzi, she made me feel so comfortable; there was no judgment, just a space for me to talk and for her to guide. She was extremely patient and really helped me to understand my own mind and how to work with it. I never felt rushed to get things done we went at our own pace which I loved. It was definitely challenging at times, but it was so worth it! I realised I had been carrying around a lot of unnecessary beliefs that weren’t serving me which Linzi helped me to identify and let go of. I know I will take all the tools that I learnt with me throughout life. I can’t thank her enough for her time and kindness, and look forward to our next session in the future, whenever that may be!

Ellie Hill, Disley

Who am I?? I was at a stage in my life where I was searching for answers and in the everyday hassle of life I found myself lost, not knowing who I was and not knowing what I wanted to achieve. 

 Life coaching has helped me realise who I am as a person and what my qualities and  my core values of life are and that as long as I am happy, that is enough in life. 

Nazya, Stockport

I’ve been meaning to send this for a while, but just wanted to say thank you.

We did some sessions about 3 years ago, I was at a crossroads with my career in tennis coaching, and was debating moving into financial advice!  After our 3 sessions, I realised tennis was where I wanted to be and pushed on to do my final qualification, Level 5. 

I completed that 1 year ago and finished top of the class, resulting in presenting at the National Tennis Centre in London to the following years candidates.  Since then, I took up a position as Head Coach in Lymm, one of the largest clubs in the region and haven’t really looked back – couldn’t have worked out any better.

Your email at the start of the year urged me to get in touch, and really say without your help back then, I don’t think I would have taken the plunge, so thank you.

Keep doing what you’re doing, it really helped me and I hope our paths cross again someday. Regards, Allan Morton

Allan Morton, Stockport

I’m in my 40s,  I was feeling lost and very fed up with feeling uncertain of who I was and what needed to change. I found Linzi’s number and after a very friendly first chat I was excited for my first session. The sessions were weekly and before I knew it I had found my confidence and more importantly my self worth had gently snuck up on me, which happened in such a gradual, relaxed, comfortable manor; leading to me feeling happier, with an inner confidence that I’m lucky to have found, with Linzi’s help. Thank you 🙏

Christine, Bramhall

“I cannot thank Linzi Wood Life Coaching enough. A phenomenal coach and person. I deeply value the time and progress we made during our sessions, we developed a unique and powerful partnership from our very first session through to our last.

Linzi’s approach and teachings enabled me to effectively work through improving my personal development and gave me the tools of how to take on any further challenges in my life.

Linzi has a true gift to see into the heart of issues and knows exactly how to help you work through them. I am truly grateful for all of your support and guidance. Thankyou Linzi, you are truly a remarkable person!”

Dominique, Stoke

I’d never been to a life coach before so wasn’t sure what to expect.  Linzi put me at ease and helped me to focus on my strengths and enabled me to move and look at me and how I reacted rather than the situation.  We talked about core strength and my values.  I put the life coaching in place every day, it’s second nature now.  Thanks Linzi

Sam, Cheadle Hulme

When I came to Linzi, I was looking for help to get out of an emotional muddle, which I had no idea how to make sense of.  I was suffering with anxiety and my confidence was at an all time low.  I had lost my sense of purpose and perspective of what I was doing in life.  I was a bit of a mess really!

I found the coaching experience to be very profound, to be truly ‘heard’ by someone is not something I’d experienced before.  We can tell other people how we feel sometimes but they may not be able to really listen or help us move forward.  Linzi’s lovely supportive nature, training and experience helped me unravel my internal chaos firstly and then helped me build up my confidence and self belief from there.

Linzi has helped me move from a place of inner turmoil to a place of choices by helping me shift my mindset. I have learnt such a lot and I am so relieved not to have the awful burden of anxiety, feeling so much calmer and happier in myself.  I feel so much stronger and ready for the future, I can’t thank Linzi enough for all her guidance and support.

Nicola Williams, Cheadle

This poem was written by a client and beautifully articulates her journey:


What the coach saw…

I had a smile and it could mask those true feelings deep inside,
And although I wore my camouflage, from myself I could not hide.
I didn’t mean to betray anyone, I thought I was doing good.
Continuing to soldier on, like a true trooper should.

But when I paused to take a look, it just turned out to be,
I was only betraying myself, which took its toll internally.
I had ploughed a deepening furrow and could no longer see over the top.
Repeating the mantra ‘I’m struggling’ I knew I had to stop.

And this realisation, it couldn’t come quick enough,
for I was fit for bursting and my mind just wasn’t that tough.
I felt a little broken, with a wound both deep and raw,
And I sought help from another and this is what she saw.

She looked on with interest and she asked and she heard,
and she really, really listened to each and every word.
To help me make sense of my mind so utterly in a spin,
and this huge emotional knot I had gotten myself in.

So I learned a great deal from listening, not to others but to me,
And to get back to what’s important and how I’d like to be.
Was it hard? I kid you not, it has taken determination,
to get myself back on my feet and have some self-appreciation.

Because that’s the journey I’m currently on, to like myself a whole lot more.
To know that I am good enough, loved, strong and capable that’s for sure.
Stories like this seem quite the drama, although on the outside I appeared fine,
No one knows your inner turmoil, until you let someone inside.

Dedicated to my wonderful coach!

N x

Life coaching with Linzi has been life-changing for me. Through our work together, I have been able to look inside myself and see where my strength truly lies, in what was there all along. She really has a unique way of guiding you to realise the most important things about yourself without influencing you to go down any one particular path. Anyone who is considering this work, I would definitely recommend it. It’s challenging, yet most rewarding at the same time!

Delphine Evans, Marple

Life coaching so far has been a great experience without knowing what to expect at all. It has helped me assess all areas of my life, taking action where I felt it was needed. It has helped me grow in confidence just by trying to view things with a different perspective. Personally, it’s given me extra incentive to keep moving forward knowing I am coming back, which helps as I like having a goal to work towards.

Sean Linsey, Macclesfield

The sessions with Linzi literally changed my life. They changed my outlook and more than I could have imagined. I am not one for cheesey over the top throwing around of this phrase so when I say the sessions changed my life I am using this phrase exactly as it is meant. Linzi’s sessions enabled me to feel empowered and understand myself, get to the route of questions I would never have understood I needed answering on my own. The understanding of myself helped me to then build foundations to understand others around me and why I had made choices that I thought were not helping me. I found out they were for me, and they fed me well and therefore I could accept my own praise, meaning I had time to give acceptance, understanding and time to people around me who I valued the most. I have rebuilt relationships, been more calm in very serious conflicts and difficult conversations that in the past would have had me running away or in a state of anxiety. It was all so very simple in the end, but I  would never have made it without Linzi’s help. She was patient, understanding and just knew exactly how to help me find out for myself.

I had 6 sessions and I have achieved what I wanted and gained so much more from the sessions. I am continuing with more sessions because I have achieved so much and am now looking forward to giving myself time to grow my self development, so I can better help those around me and build the best relationships and quality of life.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to more sessions in 2020.

Becky Campey
Blush Dance Ltd

The journey for me with Linzi, on a completely new experience, has been very positive. I had no expectations or any idea as to what I would get from this exercise. I have, in fact, gained so much. It allows me to really feel the difference in energy and gives me insight in to my own internal struggles, things that hold me back in life. I have been able to look at my barriers from a helicopter view with Linzi on board with me. Seeing many directions, some scary and somehow feeling that scare and other emotions, whilst allowing myself to go through them. I am left feeling I can achieve my ‘goals’, whatever they are. No pressure, no intense feelings that I can sometimes put myself under. I found the exercise at first very uplifting, mindfulness, connecting with every part of my body, the imagery of drawing positive energy from natural sources of the earth. This I find very powerful and stays within me, it’s something that I can access when I need to.

The process gives you a gentle nudge to look at areas you may have some resistance in working on, which, when I have gone to these places, have felt reassured afterwards. It has been quite an experience to date, especially when I reflect back, almost as if wasn’t me, yet it is, it’s all those internal parts of self that did not feel powerful enough to think could change.

Paula Bradburn

Linzi I just need to write to say thank you for your 6 session Life Coaching programme…

I had reached a point in my life where I had made huge changes in my life, I was achieving and finally working for myself following my passion. I had made a really big leap into the unknown, everything was going amazingly well but I still didn’t feel happy…I simply couldn’t understand why what was missing… Confidently living on my own, I was at a loss to explore this issue and so I reached out to you… It’s the best thing I have ever done! Over your structured 6 sessions going at a pace that I dictated, I discovered that my battles were over and I really did have what I was personally seeking, right here, right now!

I feel like an amazing weight has been lifted and I feel so proud of myself.

This has been the best self-investment I could have ever made and if things overwhelm me again I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to you! I would highly recommend you, no matter how much self-work and transformational work you have personally completed, a little coaching from you can work miracles…..

In much gratitude love Jane xxx

Jane Blackburn, Stockport

Being asked to coach for the Prince’s Trust is a huge privilege.  In coaching members of the leadership team it means I get to serve those who inspire our amazing youth.

“At first I was unsure what to expect and I suppose I though it would be all about career progression. In fact its so much more than that, what Linzi was able to give me was a way of looking at a variety of aspects within my life, think about what I value the most, what I hold dearly and then look at making changes to lead a fulfilling and positive life”

“The real surprise for me was that what I gain most energy from and what gives my life meaning wasn’t all about work, instead I needed to look at my health, family and developing meaningful friendships. Coaching allowed me to realise this and I feel my life has changed for the better as result”

Jonathan Dawson | Head of Talent Match | Prince's Trust

Life coaching has been one of the most useful, challenging, affirming things I have ever done. It has helped me to understand myself, to recognise what my values are and to begin the journey to being the best version of me that I can be at this stage in my life. Before I started I was an empty-nester who worried about what others thought and felt that life was passing me by. With Linzi’s guidance, I have learned to think positively, to recognise my strengths, and to believe in myself. Others have noticed the change in me, that I’m happier in my own skin, that I view life more positively and have more self confidence. I am now confident that I can live my life to the full in the best way for me. 

Jennie Hubbard, Congleton

I have the loudest possible megaphone, that reaches throughout the county and beyond
I am yelling at the top of my voice, “Are you fed up with your job”?
Are you going to give up? Or do you simply need Encouragement and FOCUS?
You need FOCUS?
Then call LINZI, NOW.
She will enable you to focus…. “I guarantee it”
Love and gratitude…
Ss xx

SS Chester

When I considered coaching and first met Linzi she was very professional and had great listening skills, I just knew we could work together.

Life coaching has helped me with different areas of my life, business, relationships and childhood.  Every session is different and very productive. Coaching is amazing and it always builds my belief, not only in me and my abilities but in pushing me to go further in my life, in fact, in anything I choose.  Linzi always has time to share my news and listens with her heart.  I am so grateful to call her my coach and friend and really appreciate Linzi in my life as it just goes from strength to strength.

AK Fitness, Bramhall, Cheshire

Is Life Coaching, Counselling?

Having had blocks of counselling during my life, I was intrigued to discover how Life Coaching differs.

One main difference is the belief that happiness comes from living by one’s own core values.  Teasing out those values, with the help of a non-judgemental Life Coach, is more difficult that one might expect.

Another major difference is that counselling explores one’s past to discover how one has reached where one is today.  Coaching takes the starting point as TODAY, and whilst acknowledging the past, focusses on today and going forward from today.

Looking at aims and goals going forward – drawing a pathway, or in my case, I chose a ladder.  I needed help in drawing my ladder, defining the rungs and then climbing them!

Was it easy or difficult to climb the rungs?  Both – but by taking control, I made it happen (I’m not at the top yet!) – but this has only been possible through the continuing enlightenment of Linzi’s Life Coaching!

SS, Chester

Linzi’s life coaching helped me appreciate my strengths which in turn has given me a much more positive outlook.  Her coaching has also given me valuable tools to approach life’s challenges in an empowered way. Thanks so much Linzi.

Jenny, Chester

Life coaching with Linzi has been brilliant.  When you’re doing it, you feel a million dollars.  It leaves a mark with you though, that last lasts a long time.  It changes you.  The things you always needed to do, act on, get around to doing – you somehow become empowered to do.  It/they may have always been staring you in the face, but without that support, kindness and nurturing inspiration…. you may never have got around to doing them. It’s powerful; the techniques are strengthening, enlightened and up to the minute.  Linzi once said, that one day, everyone will have a coach.  I’d like to say that I’d agree with that; and add that that coach should be Linzi.

AJ (Arjuna Ranatunga), Bramhall, Cheshire.

Going to see Linzi was one of the best decisions I have made.  From the moment I met her I felt at ease and confident that she had my best interests at heart.

Linzi taught me how to change my way of thinking, events had happened, however the outcome of how they made me feel was up to me.  She helped me look at those events and turn what I had been looking at in a negative way in to a positive one.

It sounds simple but without Linzi’s coaching and belief in me I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Linzi.  Very professional, personable and a genuinely lovely lady.

AM, South Manchester, Cheshire

Looking back to when I first contacted Linzi it’s clear (now) that my confidence was at an all time low, I was emotionally confused , and beginning to suffer from panic attacks.  Right from the very first session Linzi guided me towards rediscovering my (almost forgotten) strengths and qualities, and after just a few sessions my confidence was ignited.  I am now planning confidently for the future again. I cannot thank Linzi enough for her help and I would unconditionally recommend her to anyone in need of Life Coaching.  Linzi really loves Life coaching and that is clearly why she is so talented at it.

Simon Douglas, Heaton Moor

I started seeing Linzi to help work through some challenges I was having with writing a paper.  I was experiencing serious writers block, brought about by some anxieties about the quality of my writing but also made more difficult because of a memory impairment.  Linzi helped me identify the different elements of the tasks that were to be done and used a series of techniques (some psychological, some technical) to help me tackle the project.   Alongside her enthusiasm and confidence, her expertise helped me tackle something that I had lost all confidence in.   I honestly don’t think I could have done this without her expertise.  As a result of her support, I will continue to work with her to build on this success.  Every person should have a Linzi – frankly, I’m wondering how I managed all this time without her!

Kirsty, Marple

I guess the fact you are looking on websites such as this means there is something going on in your life you need to make sense of.  Well I can certainly say you’ve come to the right place!  Having tried other possible solutions in my life, such as CBT for example, I kept a very open mind.  Linzi not only helped me identify the key areas, she also helped me understand them in a way I couldn’t have realised or appreciated. I quickly learnt from this point it was then possible to talk about how we start to put fixes in places.  Linzi is a very sociable person and chatting away the hours with her was the easiest thing I could ever do. She is extremely professional in all she does and her ability to identify the trigger points and help you understand them is clearly a sign of her talent in this field.  Really can’t say enough about her and how she helped me look at things for what they truly are.  I hope my comments help you make the right decision, I certainly did.  Regards

Gary, from Manchester

A fantastic life coach….Linzi Wood can help you turn you whole life around, whether you are struggling with life’s issues in general, unsure about a change of career or anything you are finding difficult to deal with on your own personal journey, …..  Although, Linzi can’t change who you are, you can!  She can help you to see those choices that can be made by changing your thought process in helping you choose and make the right decisions moving forward with a more positive approach to life and most of all having self belief in yourself.  By taking those little life changing steps one at a time to succeed along the way…..  Linzi really can help you achieve this.  

Linzi is extremely professional and completely confidential.  She is caring, shows great empathy, listens and does not judge.

Linzi is extremely good at her job and Passionate in what she does and believes in you as an individual…  So, if anyone is struggling out there, then please don’t do it alone…. I can thoroughly recommend Linzi Wood to help you see the positives in life and the small changes, one step at a time, towards a more positive and life-changing way forward, helping you change your life forever.  You have to want it yourself and if you are now at a crossroad and don’t know which path to take, then do give Linzi a call and let her help you to make those changes yourself to a better, more positive, structured way forward to a more harmonious way of life….I know only too well.

I speak from my own personal experience and how Linzi helped me turn my life around to a much better and happier one and at a level that I can now cope with comfortably and I myself in a much better place in my life.

Les Denton, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

I didn’t really know what to expect from my time with Linzi, but had an open mind and a feeling that it would be worthwhile talking to someone about a few areas of my life that I felt could be better, or more to the point, if I changed my way of thinking or approach to these areas would it be better? I just didn’t know how to do it on my own.

Linzi is a warm, caring person and immediately makes you feel at ease.  The sessions we had make me think about my values and what I hold dear and what is important to me.  It has really helped me focus in on my actions and I’m feeling really positive about making some beneficial changes, personally and in my business.  These things aren’t major life overhauls, but simple and manageable.  However, I know that they will make a big difference to my life and make me feel better overall.

I hope Linzi is a part of my life going forward, I believe that if I ever feel ‘stuck’ again, she’d be able to help put me on the right path!  I’d say to anyone considering making some life changes, big or small, talk to Linzi.

Angela Bamforth, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

Linzi Wood – Simultaneously challenging and interesting and interested.  She’s lovely.  She makes things shift. Go for her!

RM, South Manchester

Linzi has helped me enormously in enabling me to analyse and take a step back and look at myself and explore different avenues and how I can change my life for the better, I have gained an awful lot from our sessions.  Thank you Linzi, you’ve clearly helped me see things I could never see before and feelings I didn’t know I had. You’ve changed my life and I’m so very grateful I met you when I did.

LR, Stockport, Cheshire

All the way through Linzi was guiding, supportive, understanding and encouraging.  Throughout the life coaching activities I never felt uncomfortable although they were quite challenging.  Today I am in a much better place thanks to the support, techniques and encouragement given to me by Linzi.

HW, Wilmslow, Cheshire

Life coaching sessions with Linzi are uplifting.  Sometimes, I finish work and think, oh, I just want to go home, but by the time I’d left Linzi’s I felt so positive and uplifted.  Linzi has made me appreciate myself and my good qualities.  My mind is Focused and now I can consider how to move forward.  The process was relaxing and easy to implement. I never felt it was wrong to not have met any goals, I knew it was to be done at my speed.  Overall, I found life coaching with Linzi a really positive experience, her straight talking manner is good for me and made some things become rather easier to move on from and let go.  Linzi is friendly and non-judgemental, I needed that.

JG, Cheadle, Cheshire