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When I first approached Linzi I was feeling really stuck in my own head and in life. I was lacking direction and purpose, and honestly just wanted to understand myself a little more. I had around 9/10 sessions with Linzi, she made me feel so comfortable; there was no judgment, just a space for me to talk and for her to guide. She was extremely patient and really helped me to understand my own mind and how to work with it. I never felt rushed to get things done we went at our own pace which I loved. It was definitely challenging at times, but it was so worth it! I realised I had been carrying around a lot of unnecessary beliefs that weren’t serving me which Linzi helped me to identify and let go of. I know I will take all the tools that I learnt with me throughout life. I can’t thank her enough for her time and kindness, and look forward to our next session in the future, whenever that may be!

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