Don't confuse activity for accomplishment

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Book Recommendations

Hope and Help for your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes

20+ years ago when a friend was suffering terribly with depression,
in my desperation to find help for them I rang a psychiatric unit of
a hospital. When I spoke to the nurse (you could then), he said that no
patient he has ever come across was in a worse state than he prior to
becoming a nurse. He simply said ‘Get them Claire Weekes book’. And I did.

Miracle Morning by Al Hallows

A wonderful book that turns mornings into a really productive and feel good time.  Having me time in the morning is so important for me and getting myself in the right place for the day I want.  The book I have is 6 habits that will transform your life but I think it has now been updated to this cover.

The One Thing by Gary Keller

I read this fantastic book a few years ago and I highly recommend it.  It really does put sense to not multitasking and instead do one thing at once.  How being focused on that one thing does in the end mean a lot more done.

A really simple and obvious book with key advice that few of us take.

Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy

A great book – watch a video here.