So here’s the question I get asked, what’s your niche, what’s your area of expertise? It’s a perfectly reasonable question because the question you may also be asking is ‘are you the right coach for me?’ To be completely honest, I’ve struggled defining this.

  • Am I a business coach? – I’ve got lots of experience but I’m not about the business per se and there are lots of coaches out there promising to take your business to new heights, but if you’re running a business, for me, it starts with you.
  • I love all things leadership, so am I an ‘executive coach’? It’s an area I love, study and feel very much at home with and I work with lots of executives: but it’s not exactly me, ‘executive coach’ doesn’t really sound like me.
  • I am more a confidence coach and by that I mean ‘you become more confident because of feeling secure in who you are be that in leadership or not. My focus is on keeping it simple and on who you are, I help you find the real you and with that comes genuine, long lasting, true confidence and peace of mind.’