I had stepped from a business world of assertiveness where being ‘in control’ and feeling sure of myself came second nature.

Having spent years learning and focusing on what were good life and work skills to get me to that place; they were in fact not going to get me where I wanted to be now – an effective coach.

For a while though, I felt invalidated.  I valued so much what I had strived to learn in my life to that point.  I initially thought I now had to bin all that if I was to follow this career.  Had everything to this point been a waste? A waste of all that effort?

So who was I now? I didn’t know, I was in limbo and what’s more I went to bed for a week, ill and depressed. Two worlds colliding?  The old and the new?  Then and now?  Who knows but one thing was certain, things were changing.

This inner learning was just the beginning.  I set out to learn this craft and learn it well, to serve as many as I could in finding their real sense of self and confidence in just doing that, finding themselves.  I’m on a mission now and my learning whilst never ending has become serendipitously more character building.

But here’s the truth… my past experience wasn’t wasted as I had mistakenly perceived, I just added on lots and lots more learning.  However, no one could have told me that, I had to learn it for myself over time, experience it from within and personally understand from my own perspective.