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The journey for me with Linzi, on a completely new experience, has been very positive. I had no expectations or any idea as to what I would get from this exercise. I have, in fact, gained so much. It allows me to really feel the difference in energy and gives me insight in to my own internal struggles, things that hold me back in life. I have been able to look at my barriers from a helicopter view with Linzi on board with me. Seeing many directions, some scary and somehow feeling that scare and other emotions, whilst allowing myself to go through them. I am left feeling I can achieve my ‘goals’, whatever they are. No pressure, no intense feelings that I can sometimes put myself under. I found the exercise at first very uplifting, mindfulness, connecting with every part of my body, the imagery of drawing positive energy from natural sources of the earth. This I find very powerful and stays within me, it’s something that I can access when I need to.

The process gives you a gentle nudge to look at areas you may have some resistance in working on, which, when I have gone to these places, have felt reassured afterwards. It has been quite an experience to date, especially when I reflect back, almost as if wasn’t me, yet it is, it’s all those internal parts of self that did not feel powerful enough to think could change.