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The sessions with Linzi literally changed my life. They changed my outlook and more than I could have imagined. I am not one for cheesey over the top throwing around of this phrase so when I say the sessions changed my life I am using this phrase exactly as it is meant. Linzi’s sessions enabled me to feel empowered and understand myself, get to the route of questions I would never have understood I needed answering on my own. The understanding of myself helped me to then build foundations to understand others around me and why I had made choices that I thought were not helping me. I found out they were for me, and they fed me well and therefore I could accept my own praise, meaning I had time to give acceptance, understanding and time to people around me who I valued the most. I have rebuilt relationships, been more calm in very serious conflicts and difficult conversations that in the past would have had me running away or in a state of anxiety. It was all so very simple in the end, but I  would never have made it without Linzi’s help. She was patient, understanding and just knew exactly how to help me find out for myself.

I had 6 sessions and I have achieved what I wanted and gained so much more from the sessions. I am continuing with more sessions because I have achieved so much and am now looking forward to giving myself time to grow my self development, so I can better help those around me and build the best relationships and quality of life.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to more sessions in 2020.