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When I came to Linzi, I was looking for help to get out of an emotional muddle, which I had no idea how to make sense of.  I was suffering with anxiety and my confidence was at an all time low.  I had lost my sense of purpose and perspective of what I was doing in life.  I was a bit of a mess really!

I found the coaching experience to be very profound, to be truly ‘heard’ by someone is not something I’d experienced before.  We can tell other people how we feel sometimes but they may not be able to really listen or help us move forward.  Linzi’s lovely supportive nature, training and experience helped me unravel my internal chaos firstly and then helped me build up my confidence and self belief from there.

Linzi has helped me move from a place of inner turmoil to a place of choices by helping me shift my mindset. I have learnt such a lot and I am so relieved not to have the awful burden of anxiety, feeling so much calmer and happier in myself.  I feel so much stronger and ready for the future, I can’t thank Linzi enough for all her guidance and support.