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Is Life Coaching, Counselling?

Having had blocks of counselling during my life, I was intrigued to discover how Life Coaching differs.

One main difference is the belief that happiness comes from living by one’s own core values.  Teasing out those values, with the help of a non-judgemental Life Coach, is more difficult that one might expect.

Another major difference is that counselling explores one’s past to discover how one has reached where one is today.  Coaching takes the starting point as TODAY, and whilst acknowledging the past, focusses on today and going forward from today.

Looking at aims and goals going forward – drawing a pathway, or in my case, I chose a ladder.  I needed help in drawing my ladder, defining the rungs and then climbing them!

Was it easy or difficult to climb the rungs?  Both – but by taking control, I made it happen (I’m not at the top yet!) – but this has only been possible through the continuing enlightenment of Linzi’s Life Coaching!