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This poem was written by a client and beautifully articulates her journey:


What the coach saw…

I had a smile and it could mask those true feelings deep inside,
And although I wore my camouflage, from myself I could not hide.
I didn’t mean to betray anyone, I thought I was doing good.
Continuing to soldier on, like a true trooper should.

But when I paused to take a look, it just turned out to be,
I was only betraying myself, which took its toll internally.
I had ploughed a deepening furrow and could no longer see over the top.
Repeating the mantra ‘I’m struggling’ I knew I had to stop.

And this realisation, it couldn’t come quick enough,
for I was fit for bursting and my mind just wasn’t that tough.
I felt a little broken, with a wound both deep and raw,
And I sought help from another and this is what she saw.

She looked on with interest and she asked and she heard,
and she really, really listened to each and every word.
To help me make sense of my mind so utterly in a spin,
and this huge emotional knot I had gotten myself in.

So I learned a great deal from listening, not to others but to me,
And to get back to what’s important and how I’d like to be.
Was it hard? I kid you not, it has taken determination,
to get myself back on my feet and have some self-appreciation.

Because that’s the journey I’m currently on, to like myself a whole lot more.
To know that I am good enough, loved, strong and capable that’s for sure.
Stories like this seem quite the drama, although on the outside I appeared fine,
No one knows your inner turmoil, until you let someone inside.

Dedicated to my wonderful coach!