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I guess the fact you are looking on websites such as this means there is something going on in your life you need to make sense of.  Well I can certainly say you’ve come to the right place!  Having tried other possible solutions in my life, such as CBT for example, I kept a very open mind.  Linzi not only helped me identify the key areas, she also helped me understand them in a way I couldn’t have realised or appreciated. I quickly learnt from this point it was then possible to talk about how we start to put fixes in places.  Linzi is a very sociable person and chatting away the hours with her was the easiest thing I could ever do. She is extremely professional in all she does and her ability to identify the trigger points and help you understand them is clearly a sign of her talent in this field.  Really can’t say enough about her and how she helped me look at things for what they truly are.  I hope my comments help you make the right decision, I certainly did.  Regards