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In a World that Seems at Odds – 3 Steps to Inner Calm

By October 9, 2019No Comments

Feeling anxious and uneasy with all this Brexit uncertainty?

On a flight recently I watched the Trump election story. It resonated so much with what appears to be going on, here in the UK.  Listening to the feelings on both sides of the Trump/Clinton argument it seemed that both sides had a reasonable viewpoint.  On one side, the Trump followers want more control on what goes on in their country albeit their methods were deemed extreme and not altogether in line with some basic values.  On the other side, the Clinton supporters appeared to want similar outcomes but were against the extreme methodology of the Trump enthusiasts.

In the UK it appears similar.  On one hand Johnson wants to lead us out of the EU whatever the consequence, in his view, for the good of the people; whilst Corbyn is against the strategies of the Tories and wants to remain, again, in his view, for the good of the people.

If we listen carefully and compassionately, we can have understanding for both.

The Middle Ground

There’s compromise missing in the middle ground. However, what does sit in the middle ground is the sensationalising media, inciting the perplexed electorate in order to sell papers; asking questions about fault and blame whilst demanding hypothetical viewpoints on what will happen, if this or if that.  I have no idea in the past 3 years how we have managed to talk, argue, debate and even fight so much and yet achieve so little, apart from just going over each scenario again.  Clearly, no one thought this through.

The politicians and the media have their own reasons for their behaviour but where does it leave us as they constantly squabble? Uncertain; to say the least and with a definite air of unrest settling over us like a noxious cloud and it’s hardly surprising.  We look to leaders to lead by example.  We need to trust in our leadership, that they have our best interests at heart and not driven by personal agendas, ego, recognition or material gain.  There appears to be nowhere to turn; jumping from one extreme to the other.

Our environment is always subject to change but we, as human beings, stay the same; we all have the same basic needs. In fact, according to Tony Robbins, our first human need is in fact, that feeling of certainty.  Not a want but a need so we will strive to achieve certainty however we can.  So, being thrown into uncertainty around Brexit and other emerging world issues can be very unsettling.

So the question is this?

Where do we find our certainty in these unprecedented uncertain times?  The answer lies within; in our own truth.

Try not to engage in negative, circular Brexit conversations and instead; focus on what for you, is real.  Every one of us is unique; therefore, we deal with things uniquely.

It’s a pity that our leaders cannot come together in that ‘middle ground’ and focus compassionately on each other and on the problem, for the benefit of us all and in a way for us to envy and want to emulate.  However, it is for us to create our own ‘middle ground’ and persue an alternative to the hype imposed on us by external sources about which, we hold no control.

1. Keep it SIMPLE

Focus on what is around you and on how you can make each day a pleasure for you and those in your life.  In the words of Niebuhr:

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change,

The COURAGE to change what I can

And the WISDOM to know the difference.

2. Know your VALUES

Know what is important to you and live by that.  When our external world is in chaos, focus within and get aligned with your inner wisdom. Trust your own knowledge of what is true.  In Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” he coins this so well when he says; “If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same”

3. Be GRATEFUL for what you actually have

Nurture yourself; mind, body and soul, focus on the good stuff. Ditch the negative debates and adopt a positive, grateful and joyful outlook. In ten years’ time this Brexit dilemma will be a distant memory and we will have adapted to whatever the outcome, in or out.

“For this too shall pass”

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