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Make your ‘Got to do’ be your ‘Get to do’

By August 22, 2016December 18th, 2020No Comments

When your ‘Got to do’ becomes your ‘Get to do’…. Life’s good.

We’ve just come back from a lovely week in France and as I woke up this morning I really felt excited to do the washing and ironing and the gym after lots of overeating and drinking. No, I haven’t completely lost the plot; I really appreciated being home and valued having those things to do, things that normally would be a pain.

As a coach you take people through great learning experiences but people tend to expect that you have all the answers for a great life. Not true. It’s the same for a coach as it is for anyone; we all experience the same feelings. What’s nice is being able to apply some of that Life Coaching to me.

It was nice today to turn chores into opportunities for me time. Not having a to do list as usual but to just do one job at a time. Being present. Being mindful.

It might sound a bit silly but we all tend to multi-task without thinking. Always having the next 5 tasks in mind in order to get ready for that place we have to be at a certain time. How stressful is that? Just that thought in itself is stressful.

It feels good sometimes when your focus just falls into place in your mind and you get that really relaxed feeling. Coaching is all about how we feel.

What’s your stress about today? Is it the kid’s agendas that are important and your life just slots in between, will they expect a gourmet chef at home when you have picked them up from their second activity today, and as they pick up their favourite washed jumper, do they expect the smell of just washed clothes to fill the house, a tidy house?…. Or is that what you think they expect? …. If you were to ask them, what would they say they want from you?

What is the most important part of your day today? Of all the things you did yesterday; which were vital? All of them? Really?

When you dropped them at that activity would you like to have stayed and watched for a while? If it was a major event I am sure you would have made time, so what was different? Do you just make it happen when you need to?

Anyway back to my washing and gym session this morning. I actually took one thing at a time. I had a nice cup of tea while I sorted the washing and was grateful that the sun was shining to get it on the line. Whilst I did my exercise video I just took put my mind where I was for a while and just did the video. I GOT TO DO my washing and I GOT TO DO my exercise. I enjoyed hanging out the washing, looking around the garden and just being in the moment.

It made all the difference.


What will make you or someone else feel really good?

What is the one thing that you would love to do today if you just make the time?

 Go for a walk to clear your head?

Bake a cake for someone?

Read the book you bought but never started?

Go and see a relative who you know will be so excited to see you?

Ring your friend you haven’t spoken to in ages?

What would happen if you make it the next thing you do? How can you make your focus the important things and let the other, more minor detail, fit in around it?

Even if it’s a big job like a room to decorate, chunk it down into max an hour slot and just one chunk a day, maybe something like this:

  • Get excited about how it will look and why it will make you, or someone else, feel good? How will you feel when it’s done? (Really, stop. Get a coffee and take an hour to think about it, draw it, imagine its purpose, imagine you or someone else in the room. How else is this going to make your life better, easier, happier?) You may think this is a long time, but this is the bit that will inspire you to do the rest) – This is the WHY that will give you the momentum.
  • Go and get inspired about colour, purpose, detail and pick up the materials (make this chore a real pleasure)
  • Clear the room
  • Prepare one wall/part
  • Prepare one wall/part
  • Prepare one wall/part
  • Prepare one wall/part
  • Gloss
  • Emulsion
  • Put the room back together

So in about a week and a half you have got that big job sorted. If you are honest, you will just keep putting it off while the job is so big.

What big job have you got to do that would make you feel fulfilled if it were done? Get a piece of paper and see how many pieces you can chunk it down into and then just do the first one on the list today. Don’t make an excuse, find the opportunity and enjoy the process of that small part.

Get to do the things that you like to do. Be grateful for smaller events. Re-frame the things you have to do so that you enjoy doing them too.

Have a wonderful day

Linzi xx

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