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Where Is Your Focus?

By June 6, 2016December 18th, 2020No Comments

What will it take to achieve what you want? We tend to get what we focus on…

What would you change if only you had the time, or the energy? Is it what you really, really want? And have you ever really asked yourself the question and more importantly, waited around to hear your response?

Life Coaching helps you do that…. to explore what is important.  To get clarity and to explore YOU so you feel empowered to be what you want to be.


How much do you actually want it?

Do you ever say, it’s just one of those things, I would love to do that but it just never happens? What makes people have a ‘can do’ attitude?

What makes some people really successful? And do we ever look at them and think that they must have had some advantage somewhere along the line?


Ever think that you could do with some more money?  What would that money do for you?  How would it make your life better?  Chances are it would make you feel better?  Then what would that feeling be like?  How would that feeling make your life better?  When we look to outside things to change before we can feel better inside, then we are giving that responsibility to something else.  How would it feel if you took back that responsibility?


What coaching does is really help you get to what it is that you want.  To really help you to understand what you feel is important.  Is it time to get to grips with what you are about and what will make you jump out of bed in the morning?

Sometimes people say “I have no motivation”.  To be honest I don’t think motivation, in and of itself, actually exists.  Why?  Well, when have you ever felt motivated for no reason?  Motivation comes from the thing you are looking forward to doing.  Taking a course, building a house, buying a car, playing sport, getting a high mark in an exam, losing 10lb, feeling more confident, feeling fit and healthy, having time for yourself,  it could be anything.  It is different for everyone.

I remember once when I bought my first house and I remember waking up at 5 one morning and jumping out of bed because I was going to cement a driveway!! The area for cementing was only about 2 feet wide but it ran the whole side of the house and drive.  I had bought the stuff the day before and asked how it should be done.  I had no mixer and did the whole thing by hand, I remember to this day chunnering, “three to two to one” which was three spades of sand, 2 spades stone, one spade cement.  I wanted to get the whole thing done, all by myself.  That was the motivation.  Not the job, not the hard work but getting it all done by myself, being in control.  I remember to this day how excited I was to do that cementing!!  This is thirty years ago and I still remember how it felt to have done it!!  When did you last feel this motivated and what did it take for you to feel that way?


This week has seen the very sad loss of Muhammad Ali  ‘The Greatest’.

Initially, no one gave him the title of ‘The Greatest’, he gave that to himself. What has really stood out for me was the emphasis not on the boxer, but the man.  The focus has not been about his skill as much but instead what having his beliefs and values did for him and others.


How can a man refuse to go to war, speak out against the masses and ultimately be revered by world leaders and gain the title of Sportsman of the Century?  What an amazing man.  But what of his values?  One of the photographers who followed Ali on a trip was so emotional when told of when he came out of an event and there were some “homeless bums” on the street outside.   Ali gave each a hundred dollar bill and when asked why he did that by the photographer Ali said that where these guys come from, that hundred dollar bill is worth ten thousand.

Listening to Tom Conti talk about Ali and the effect of Ali’s words on him when he was a young lad growing up with all the trials and tribulations that brought and how Ali’s confidence helped him grow in his own life.

Muhammad Ali had a big mind but an even bigger heart and ‘The Greatest’ thing he leaves behind is what stays in millions of people’s hearts and minds.  Many will be inspired by the man and will make good change.  I wonder what stories they will tell.


Just talking with my mum today and she remembered the name of Parys, the son of Alison Lapper. Alison was born with no arms and very short legs and is now an icon of the Paralympics, an outstanding artist and her son is now a teenager. Alison is a beacon of hope to so many.

So next time you say “I don’t have time” or “I will when”…. Just ask yourself ‘Where is my focus? Because you may just be looking in the wrong place!

What would you like your life to look like?  Really think about it… How do you want to feel?

As a Life Coach, I have some tools to help you discover what that life would look like but mainly it’s actually having that meaningful conversation.  So, if you would like to spend some really YOU focused time, in a way that is exactly how you would like it to be, then give me a call on 07884 970 502 or check out my website at and we will have some lovely well spent time together.

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